Buying health insurance can make you crazy. If you aren’t one of the lucky people who have access to group healthcare, you may be holding your breath, trying to figure out what insurance you need and what you can afford. Breathe. We can help you.

  • Have a family business and need to figure out employee benefits?
  • Are you an independent contractor and hoping there are more options?
  • Limited to $150 per month to spend on health insurance and don’t know how to allocate it?
  • 62 years old and thinking about retiring?
  • Getting on Medicare and wondering what other coverage you need?

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Let’s identify your greatest concerns and talk about solutions. There are more options than you thought.


Individual and Family
Health Insurance

√ Comprehensive
√ Catastrophic
√ Accident
√ Dental and Vision
√ Hospitalization
√ Preventative
√ Gap Protection
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Small Business
Group Insurance

√ Comprehensive
√ Catastrophic
√ Accident
√ Dental and Vision
√ Hospitalization
√ Gap Protection
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Senior Health

√ Medicare Supplement
√ Home Health Care
√ Dental and Vision
√ Cancer Indemnity
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Accidents are never planned, make sure you have the coverage.  Lower deductibles mean your insurance is working right away.

Statistics show we’re more likely than ever to receive a diagnosis.  Be protected with a lump-sum benefit to help offset the costs.

Coverage for the things we can’t plan for in life.  From cancer to a heart attack to other serious conditions, options are available with different deductibles.

Allow us to find a plan that covers all of your needs.  From routine visits to coverage for life’s most unexpected events, we can find a solution.
From routine cleanings and eye exams to more complex dental procedures, having a plan can lower your out-of-pocket costs.
Do you have insurance but are worried you can’t afford the deductible?  Low-cost solutions that pay at no deductible to help with the deductible.
Would you rather spend time at home recovering or time in a nursing home?  Home health care allows you to receive the care you need in the comfort of your home.

Concerned about the cost of a stay in the hospital?  Plans pay at no deductible to help cover those unforeseen circumstances.

Helps cover the gaps left by Medicare.  Solutions available at different price points to ensure you have the coverage you need.

The best medicine is preventative.  Find solutions to make sure your annual check-ups continue to happen, and you’re not left wondering about your health.


From COBRA to the Marketplace to private insurance plans, options are available. There are plans available through the ACA (Obamacare) that have restrictive enrollment periods. There are also private health insurance plans that allow you to enroll throughout the year. COBRA could be your best option as well. Contact us today to go over options as every situation is different.

Enrolling in Medicare is important but what’s even more important is understanding your current situation. Are you still working? If so, how big is the company? Are you retired? All of these questions are why you need the services of an experienced professional to help.

Yes, we work with people all the time by building low-cost, no deductible solutions to help if that situation were to arise. Health insurance options seem limited, but we have the resources to find solutions for you.


Meet Kyle Rogers, founder and owner of Edgewood Insurance Group. Kyle is a guy who listens more than he talks and has a knack for reducing the complex. After years in the corporate sector he chose to make a career change to the health insurance space which meshed with both his people skills and his ability to problem solve & care for details. As the dad of a young family, Kyle understands that everyone’s life looks different, everyone’s needs and circumstances are different. He comes to the table with the goal and intent to hear you.

Being a competent and comfortable resource for those seeking health insurance coverage is what Kyle does best. He is committed to finding well-fitting solutions for the people he serves enabling them to make confident, educated decisions about their health insurance.